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Tomorrow after work Andy and I are heading to McFaddin beach. We are going to spend the night in a tent that my family has owned since 1998 but has only been used once. Anyways, we are going to perform our first Wiccan ritual. No that does not mean getting naked in front of a fire. We are going to call upon the four elements and bring forth the spirits. Now I know most of you probably think that Wicca is stupid or that it's evil, but take it from me, its not. Andy and I have both experienced the supernatural like no other and we are both very exited about doing our first spells and rituals tomorrow night. Of course we need two more to close the Wiccan gap. Anyways, it is 4:24 a.m. and I am tired as hell.


P.S. Tomorrow I might tell Andy I am gay, wish me luck!
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