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Xander - The Fabulous Freak of Nature

The Complete First Season

4/8/05 07:54 pm - Once Again...I'm Single...

You read it here first, probably the only place you'll read it. Clay and I have broken up. It sucks, but its for the best. We didn't really have anything in common, plus I completely rushed into the relationship after Josh and I broke up. I think that I was looking for someone to fill the void and that wasn't fair on my part. Just thought you all should know.


4/6/05 10:20 pm - It Takes a Health Scare to Reprioritize...

Today started out as normal, but ended up being something entirely unexpected. Got to work and sat down, started taken calls when all of a sudden I saw something strange to my right. Kneeling down, as if in prayer, was a black guy. He was hiding his eyes with his hand, I saw his legs shaking. I stared at him wondering if indeed he was praying or if he was crying. Suddenly, my friend Jon Williams, walked over to him and barely touched him and the man flopped down on his back and started going into convulsions or something. His eyes went into the back of his head and he jerked around like he was being shocked. Jon shouted outloud to whoever was listening, "Call 911!" In no time a crowd had gathered around as if he was some attraction to be looked at. I just sat there staring, couldn't take my eyes off of it. I was scared to death, the man was having a heart attack in front of me. An ambulance came and took him away and I watched them as they left and I noticed his arm flopped out and dangled in mid air...it was then I knew he had passed on. Fortunately, they resucitated him in the ambulance and he's doing better. Sad thing is...he's only 29...makes you think about your own life...


4/5/05 09:22 pm - The Customer is Mighter than the Technician

Here I am at work, warm transfering a customer to Dell's Consumer Technical Support queue...ugh. I have 27 minutes left. Doesn't seem so long, but hell its a helluva long time.

I got here at work regular time and was ready to clock in at 12:30 p.m. but then Joe comes up to me. Joe Rosa, a tall large man, gay. He calls me Harry Potter...ugh (long story behind that one, thanks Mom and Dad!!). He tells me to clock in at 2:30 instead. So I said, "Why the hell do you want me to clock in at 2:30?" He then informed me that there are a lot of avails, which means no calls are coming in and there are technicians awaiting a phone call. I was upset! So I talked to my new coach Sharalyn and she agreed with him. So for the next two hours, thanks to Marlboro, I sat around and waited for Andy to get here.

Once Andy got here I informed him of the situation and he then asked Joe if he could clock in at 2:30 as well so that way he could go home and check for his tax-refund check. This was around 1:25 p.m., so I had an hour to kill so I went with him. We went to his house and to no avail there was no refund check (...stupid Bush...). So we killed time watching Emo Phillips, whos goddamn hilarious!

We eventually came to work and took phone calls and all I have to say is...ugh.

Not a very interesting day but hey at least its something for ya'll to read :-).


4/4/05 08:08 pm - At Work...Ugh...Double Ugh

I have an hour left here at work (YAY!!!), but then thats another hour until my ride gets off work (THANKS GOD FOR CIGARETTES!!!). I have been spending most of my days just watching X-Files Season Four and Queer as Folk Season One. I am liking both of these episodes. Well, thought I would update and just let you all know whats going on. Oh by the way, if anyone here plays Final Fantasy XI Online, let me know!!!


4/1/05 10:15 pm - At Brittany's...

Here I am at Brittany's. Me, Clay, Brittany and Lacie. We are all getting drunk, I am so buzzing right now haha. Will update more on this later.


4/1/05 08:05 pm - OH...MY...GOD!!!

Have you ever thought of the scariest thing in the world that could happen too you. I stumbled upon this website and I was utterly shocked!!! You so need to check it out, it will amaze you!




4/1/05 07:11 pm - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITTANY!!!!

Today is Brittany's birthday. I bought her the coolest gift and no I will not mention it just yet, she does read these you know. *waves at Brittany* I also bought Jennifer a birthday party, I forgot about her birthday and I feel just awful about it.

Anyways, I know this sounds so strange of me but I feel so queer today haha. I was walking down the mall in a black t-shirt with a dragon on it (nerd I know) and a blue hat, my long hair sticking out as if it was trying to escape. I looked dreadful. In my need to look sexy again, I walked into Dillards and saw the perfect outfit. White shirt, buttoned, looks like its torn (it's supposed to hehe) and a silk brown shirt, tight as can be. I purchased it and Jesus Christ it was $84.44, but so worth it. I took my Dillards bag and walked into the bathroom, took my shirt off and changed, taking the price tags off of course. I walked out, looking HOT. The mall was packed and I got so many looks, this one guy (who was fucking gorgeous, and gay as can be) stared at me and I stared at him back as I walked passed him, acting like I was not interested. I am so Brian from Queer as Folk, minus the sluttiness.

I walked into Bath & Body Works to buy Brittany and Jennifer presents. I couldn't find a damn thing and I asked this girl who worked there what to get her and guess what she said? She said, "Your gay and you can't find your fag hags something for their birthday?" I laughed and said, "What makes you think I'm gay?" She said, "For one your gorgeous, thats a giveaway, second you have a hot body and tight shirt and pants, nice ass I might add." I wanted to be the typical gay guy and say, "Slap it!" LMAO, but decided against it. I looked at her and said, "Brad Pitt and David Duchovny are hot with nice bodies and they aren't gay." She said, "Well, Brad's single now." I said, "Oooo thats right, I should call him up and tell him to leave space for me next too him in his bed." I know I am such a queer!

Clay, my boyfriend (if those of you think I forgot about him, I did not), is coming to pick me up in about 40 minutes to go to Brittany's house, Jennifer wont be there tonight, unfortunately, but we are all going too get drunk and just hang out. I will update later about the party.


P.S. I don't know if I mentioned my boss Stuart at work, but I have a new boss. It's Sharilyn!! She so kicksass and I am so excited about that!

3/27/05 02:12 pm - EASTER SUNDAY - UPDATE

Well, I am sick with a cold. Woe is me. Got up early and went to church this morning, it was quite weird to walk in that building again. Last time I was in there was when Josh and I were still dating. Church was nice, this girl kept staring at me, I think she thought I was cute. And can you blame her? (j/k I'm not that cute) Anyway, went home and ate lunch and here I am at work...with no phone calls coming in. Like who in the hell is going to call on Easter Sunday! Blasphemous bastards! LMAO


3/20/05 04:35 pm - I Know It's Been a While

The reason why I haven't been updating much lately is that our internet is having problems, which reminds me don't go with SBC Yahoo :-). Anyways, nothing has been happening much lately. I am sitting here at work, my headset on and I am on a phone call with a guy with an XP problem (what is else is new?).

Anyways, Andy and I are going back Ghost Hunting tonight and I am quite excited. Will show pictures when I can :-). Talk to ya'll later, ya hear!


3/13/05 02:35 am - BIG NEWS!!!!


I finally finished my book and contacted my agent. I sent the manuscript to him, the rough draft, and he called me within a day of receiving it. He told me he was completely blown away. He said that hopefully by the end of this year we will be in talks of getting it published. I am so excited!

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